Age Specific Match Rules for Triangle Premier League Matches

FIFA Laws of the Game will be observed with the following exceptions:

It is the responsibility of the TPL member Clubs to insure that the officiating crews assigned at your home games are aware of these exceptions.


General Rules for U-10 and Younger Age Groups (7v7 matches):

Halves will be 25 minutes in length. No punting or intentional heading of the ball will be allowed.


Goal Kick Rule for U-10 and Younger Age Groups (7v7 matches):

When a team is awarded a goal-kick, the opposing team must have ALL of their players BEHIND the midfield line on their own side of the field before the goal-kick is taken.


Offside Rules

In games officiated by only ONE Official:


For 7v7 matches officiated by one official, it has been agreed by TPL member clubs that referees only call the “undeniably obvious, cherry picker” offside calls. Other than those blatantly obvious calls officials are encouraged to let the game flow. This is a subjective call and the referee’s decision should be respected in this developmental league.  


Offside will be called as per FIFA at the 9v9 and 11v11 levels.



During TPL games, players may be substituted only during certain stoppages of the game. The number of substitutions shall be unlimited. Substitutions may be made, with the approval of the referee, at the following times:

       - Prior to a throw-in, by the team in possession.

       - Prior to a goal kick, by either team.

       - After an injury, by either team.

       - At half-time.

       - Before the taking of a kick-off.

       - After a caution has been awarded, a substitution may be made for the player receiving the yellow card. This is NOT a required substitution.

       - In any case, a substitute may not enter the middle of field of play until he/she has been given a signal to do so by the referee and the player being replaced has come off the field.


Required Officials & Actions in the Event of Official Shortage at Match Time

       7v7 matches require 1 official (U8, U9, U10)

       9v9 matches require 3 officials (U11, U12, and some U10)

       11 v 11 matches require 3 officials (U13 +, and some U12)



If no officials are present for the match, coaches should inquire if there are any licensed officials on adjacent fields or among the spectators.  If none are present, then by mutual agreement a coach or parent should act as referee.

If so desired, a person from one team can officiate the first half and a person from the other team can officiate the second half.  Coaches should notify their club director that no referees were present so this can be addressed with the appropriate referee assignor.  Your cooperation in providing this information and match results will assist TPL in solving this problem.


Club Linesperson

For those matches using the three referee system, in the event a full three referee crew is unavailable for a match, the center referee will seek a qualified spectator from the two teams.  The club linesperson’s duties will be explained by the center official that will specifically exclude calling the offside rule.



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