2023-2024 Winter Futsal League Rules

General Rules
  1. 5v5, 4 field players and a goalie
  2. Two (20) minute halves with a five-minute halftime
  3. Unlimited substitutes on the fly, substitutes must enter at midfield and not until their teammate is off the field of play.
  4. When the ball goes out of bounds play will resume with a kick-in (no throw ins).  Teams will have four seconds to play the kick-in (including goal and corner kicks), if they fail to play the ball the opposing team takes possession.
  5. There are no offsides.
  6. Goals can be scored directly from the kickoff.
  7. Goalies can throw the ball from their penalty area when a goal kick is awarded.  The ball must touch a player or the field prior to crossing midfield.
  1. May go anywhere on the field, but only use hands inside the penalty area.
  2. May throw or kick the ball from their area into the opposition half (cannot throw into opponents’ goal).
  3. When the ball is in their possession, either in their hands or at their feet, they have four seconds in which to play it to a team-mate.
Field Size- 120 feet long by 75 feet wide.
Goals- Approx. 12 feet by 6 feet.
Ball- size 4 low bounce ball provided by league
Uniforms- provided by teams, pinnies will be available if needed


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