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***NOTE ****                                                                                  

ONLINE CHECK-IN is the Mandatory METHOD for teams to complete the check-in process.
Online checkin will OPEN for your team upon ACCEPTANCE -
beginning approx 10/29/2023, and will CLOSE Friday 11/17/2023 @ 12:00pm.

Please note that there is help available online for the OnLine Checkin. Every online step has a place to ask for help.  Your questions will be answered, but not immediately.  Please contact our tournament staff at for GENERAL tournament questions.


Failure to check in will result in tournament disqualification. 



At registration, teams must provide the required credentials.  All teams must provide:

  • Official Roster - one copy of the official roster via your governing body (USClub, USYSA, etc).  The system allows for CLUB PASS players (players from your CLUB but not on your regular roster) and GUEST PLAYERS (players from OUTSIDE your club).

  • Player Release Form (AKA Liability Release) signed by parents. This is now mainly electronically done but you can PRINT a copy of the form and have the parents sign it and upload a picture / scan of the signed document. 

  • Player I.D. Cards – must be laminated with photograph. These are from your state association and are required for ALL PLAYERS (Rostered/Club Pass/Guest)

  • Medical Release Form -  you may opt out if you have your club forms and are required to have for all players

  • Permission to Travel Form - USCLUB Soccer requires teams from outside Georgia must also provide this including a roster listing all players authorized to travel.

  • Game Cards – Game cards will be generated by the system (after you enter your roster and all other documentation is approved - You MUST enter your players on your roster and they must be typed in -  HAND WRITTEN PLAYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED).  

After the player passes / team roster / Waivers have been verified by SincSports Staff, the Game Cards will be able to be PRINTED via the tournament website by the team representative. The approved game cards will be used for tournament games and must be provided to the referee prior to each game. 



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