Thank you for your interest in Showcase Atlanta.  Before you register, please see the list of criteria for this tournament.

 Center Referee

1. At Least 21 years of age

2. R8 or above

3. At Least 3 years of experience centering select matches

4.  Contact information of Assignor

Assistant Referee

1.  Must be an R8

2.  At least 16 years old

3. At least 3 years as an R8 and have worked select matches

This tournament will be a round robin, so we need referees with excellent game management skills.  Please send your experience and references to:

 pay scale

U-19 Center  $60.00  AR  $40.00  - Centers R-7 and higher only

 U-17/18 Center  $55.00  AR  $35.00

 U-15/16 Center  $50.00  AR  $30.00

More information to follow when schedules are complete.


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