Under 14 Girls

If teams are tied in points after the group play points are awarded (Tied teams will appear in blue), we will apply the tie breaker rules to tied teams until all ties are broken or the tie breaker rules are exhausted. Points awarded to teams to determine the winner of the tiebreakers are shown in the last column on the right.

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Group A

PlaceGroup PlayPoints 
TIEDCEFC 2009 Girls0
TIEDBA CLT West 2009 Girls0
TIEDCharlotte Metro FC 2009Girls Yellow0
TIEDCSRA Rush 09 Girls Premier0
TIED09 CDA Pink G0
TIEDFMU '09 Girls Navy0
Teams are tied after group play. We will begin applying tie breaker rules to determine the standings.

PlaceWin Percentage PointsTiebreaker
1st09 CDA Pink G07
2ndCEFC 2009 Girls04
3rdCSRA Rush 09 Girls Premier03
TIEDBA CLT West 2009 Girls01
TIEDCharlotte Metro FC 2009Girls Yellow01
TIEDFMU '09 Girls Navy01
Teams are still tied. We will now apply the next tie breaker rule.

PlaceGoals scored PointsTiebreaker
1st09 CDA Pink G0
2ndCEFC 2009 Girls0
3rdCSRA Rush 09 Girls Premier0
4thCharlotte Metro FC 2009Girls Yellow07
5thBA CLT West 2009 Girls05
6thFMU '09 Girls Navy04
The current standings for group A are reflected in the table above.

1 Y U14F01 F CARCHLEA 2022 CARCHLEA 2022
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