02G Elite West

If teams are tied in points after the group play points are awarded (Tied teams will appear in blue), we will apply the tie breaker rules to tied teams until all ties are broken or the tie breaker rules are exhausted. Points awarded to teams to determine the winner of the tiebreakers are shown in the last column on the right.

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Group A

PlaceGroup PlayPoints 
1stLNSC Eclipse Blue G23
2ndCSA Charlotte Elite G20
3rdCSA Matthews Predator G19
4th03/04 CISC NM Blue G18
5thHFC Red G14
6thTCYSA Lady Twins White G12
8thCSA North Elite G5
9thCR Blue Rapids G3
10thCSA Matthews Elite G0
The current standings for group A are reflected in the table above, however, group play is not complete.

1 Y U13F03 F NCFL 2021 NCCSL 2016
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