2010 Copa

If teams are tied in points after the group play points are awarded (Tied teams will appear in blue), we will apply the tie breaker rules to tied teams until all ties are broken or the tie breaker rules are exhausted. Points awarded to teams to determine the winner of the tiebreakers are shown in the last column on the right. If more than two teams are tied, head to head will be bypassed and the process will return to head to head when teams are removed from the grouping by the rules that follow.

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Group A

PlaceGroup PlayPoints 
1stTSC 10B Elite Blue25
2ndTrussville USC Acad Fire 10 Red20
3rd2010 Eagle Express Red15
4thAcademy B100
The current standings for group A are reflected in the table above.

1 Y U11M01 F VHSC5 2022 VHSC5 2020
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