• Field Map

    • Parking Info/Tips
      1. Know where your fields are located!
        1. Fields 1-13 (turn left into main entrance after crossing railroad tracks)
        2. Fields 14-21 (stay straight after railroad tracks)
      2. Carpool, Carpool, Carpool!!!
      3. Arrive early to account for possible train delays (at least every hour)
      4. Use the trails that connect the complex to alleviate parking troubles.
      5. Follow directions/signals from police and traffic personnel.
      6. Bryan Park will have shuttles from the Southshore overflow lot to the Annex/North fields (14-21) and Main side (1-13) (See image to the right)
      7. Use the walking trail that connects fields 1-13 to 14-21 (See image to the right)

      Did you know there are TWO ways to access Townsend Rd.? (entrance to the soccer park)

      1. Via Lees Chapel Road/Rudd Station
      2. Via Summit Ave/Bryan Park Rd – You can avoid the R/R crossing with this route. It runs along the side of the golf course.
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