Deadline to start online Check-in: 8/8/2024 by 6:00 PM

Together we will get you checked in, pack your carry-on folder and make sure you remain informed of any changes. NO MORE GUESSWORK!
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Click "Login" on the top menu bar to get started.

If you have an account but don't know your login information, you can click the "?" icon on the top menu to have your login information sent to you.

Can I take a look before getting started?

You sure can! We want people to be happy about their decision to check-in online. Please click here for a sneak peek of the online check-in system.

How does the online check-in system work?

You will upload files to the system - which means that you will need digital versions of each file. You can get these by scanning them in or taking digital photos

Who should check-in online?

Online check-in is required for this event for all participating teams.


Items needed to check-in

What will I need to do to complete Online Check-in?
  • Pay the non-refundable $20 online check-in fee
  • Make sure your team roster is complete and accurate
  • Upload digital versions of the required or optional documents (scanned or digital photos)
  • Print reports (such as your official roster) and bring along the items that are marked to be included in your "carry-on" folder
  • The Online Check-in fee is NOT refundable under ANY circumstances

Required Items

Application is paid in full
Athlete Waivers
Certified list of Eligible Athletes
Coach & Player Cards
Medical Releases
Official Roster: Certified
Participating Athletes
Printed copy of Game Schedule
Printed copy(s) of Game Card
Stamped copy of offical roster
Team Conflicts and Constraints
Team contact during tournament
Travel Permit

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