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Online Check-in will open on 11/2/2020 ET

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Why Use Online Check-in?

By using Online Check-in, you'll have the peace of mind in knowing that your team has all the proper paperwork and you'll be ready to go on tournament day!

  • Our staff will help guide you through the process and will review and approve each file
  • The system will send you daily reminders to keep you on track
  • Complete and sign forms online electronically

How it works

Enter your roster

You'll start out by selecting your association and then you'll input your roster. Once your roster has been added, it will be available to you for future online check-ins.

Online Waivers

Most events require that all athletes (or parents for minors) read and sign a waiver. With Online Check-in, you can easily send an email to your team to complete the waiver.

Online Forms & Signatures

Many events require that forms be filled out and have a valid signature. With Online Check-in, you can complete the entire process online, including a signature. Using your mouse or a touch screen, you can provide your signature on these documents

Get Help

As you work through online check-in, you may find you have questions along the way. Our support system makes it very easy to contact us for help. During normal business hours, you can usually expect a response within 5-15 minutes so you can quickly get back on your way.

View your Status

Whether you are checking in just one team or many, you can always see the status of all of your teams and continue working through each one.

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