Venue List

Wake Stone Athletic Park
1209 Old Crews Road
Knightdale, NC 27545


Wake Stone Athletic Park 2 (11M)
Google Map Map to get to Wake Stone Athletic Park Map of fields at Wake Stone Athletic Park 
WRAL Soccer Park
7700 Perry Creek Road
Raleigh, NC 27616


WRAL 01 Dicks Sporting Goods (Turf) (11,09)
WRAL 02 Circle K (Turf) (11,09)
WRAL 03 Ricky Horwitz (Turf) (11M)
WRAL 03A Ricky Horwitz A (Turf) (09,07)
WRAL 03B Ricky Horwitz B (Turf) (09,07)
WRAL 03C Ricky Horwitz C (Turf) (07)
WRAL 04 Accentuate Staffing (Turf) (11M)
WRAL 04A Accentuate Staffing A (Turf) (09,07)
WRAL 04B Accentuate Staffing B (Turf) (09,07)
WRAL 05 First Watch (Turf) (11M)
WRAL 06 McDonald's - Gunter Family (Turf) (11M)
WRAL 10 Indulor (09)
WRAL 11 InStat (09)
WRAL 12 (11M)
WRAL 13 Wester Insurance Agency (11M)
WRAL 15A First Horizon Bank A (07)
WRAL 15B First Horizon Bank B (07)
WRAL 16A CHOW A (07)
WRAL 16B CHOW B (07)
WRAL 17A Newcomb & Company A (07)
WRAL 17B Newcomb & Company B (07)
WRAL 18 Baker Roofing (11M)
WRAL 21 JenSellsRaleigh (Turf) (11M)
WRAL 22 Raleigh Radiology (Turf) (11M)
WRAL 22A Raleigh Radiology A (Turf) (09,07)
WRAL 22B Raleigh Radiology B (Turf) (09,07)
Google Map Map to get to WRAL Soccer Park Map of fields at WRAL Soccer Park Directions to WRAL Soccer Park

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