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Alabama Recreational Soccer Showdown

Group Winners are either determined on points or in a final match depending on group numbers
Groups of 4:  Winners are determined by POINTS
Groups of 5:  Winners are determined by POINTS OR FINAL*
Groups of 6:  Winners are determined by the final match
Groups of 7:  Winners are determined by the final match
Groups of 8:  Winners are determined by the final match
*Depends on the group

9U-10U:  7v7
11U-12U:  9v9
13U-14U:  11v11
Home teams:  white/light colored jersey
Away teams:  dark/colored jersey
Teams with only one jersey, pennies may be used



Hoover JR Phantoms 09
2009 Girls Samba (Academy) Schedule

9:15 AMGame: 00029
2009 Girls Samba (Academy)Liberty Park #10
1:15 PMGame: 00031
2009 Girls Samba (Academy)SHAC #3B
9:15 AMGame: 00034
2009 Girls Samba (Academy)Liberty Park #10
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