Memphis Champions Cup Tournament Rules


Eligibility: Teams must be composed of US Soccer sanctioned teams and Players _ this may include US Club Soccer and USYSA teams. Team Rosters will be composed of no more than: 12 players for 6v6 and 14 players for 8v8,  and 18 players for 11v11 games. Players including guest players, may play for only one team.


Guest Players: Teams may have three guest players on their tournament roster. Each quest player must have a player card or similar information and medical release.


Duration of and Games formats:

                Year        Ball         Matches Format

                U9           4              50 minutes            6 v 6

              U9             4             50 minutes             6 v 6

                U10        4              50 minutes            8 v 8

                U11        4              60 minutes            8 v 8

                U12        4              60 minutes            8 v 8

                U12        4              60 minutes            11 v 11

                U13        5              70 minutes            11 v 11

                U14        5              70 minutes            11 v 11

                U15        5              80 minutes            11 v 11

                U16        5              80 minutes            11 v 11

                U17        5              90 minutes            11 v 11

                U18        5              90 minutes            11 v 11

                U19        5              90 minutes            11 v 11  


Game time will be evenly divided into two periods. For example, two 25-minute periods will comprise a 50-minute game. All games will be played at Mike Rose Soccer Complex.


Field and Game Equipment:

1.             Players must wear numbers on the back of their uniforms and these numbers shall coincide with those listed on the teams’ official roster at time of registration.

2.     Where uniform colors are similar, the designated home team will change colors. Home team has choice of sideline. Home teams is listed first on the schedule. Home teams suggested wear white, visitor dark.

3.     The designated home team shall provide the game ball, unless tournament ball is available.

4.     Check-in time is 30 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off.


Protests: There will be no protests allowed, except for use of ineligible players.


Weather: In case of inclement weather, the tournament director and the Mike Rose Soccer Complex have the sole power to shorten, delay, reschedule, and/or cancel games as deemed appropriate. The tournament, nor anyone involved with the tournament, does not assume any responsibility or liability if the tournament is cancelled in whole or in part for any reason, weather related or not.

Attempts shall be made to complete matches which have begun play and are delayed for inclement weather. If a match cannot be restarted and at least one half of play has been complete, it will be considered complete.


Registration: Each team must register Friday Night at the Mike Rose Soccer Complex unless previously arranged to register on site. Each team must submit: 5 copies of their roster (one to be kept by the tournament and 4 to be given to the referees of each game; player cards, show copies of their medical release forms, any necessary travel papers and guest player information.


Refunds: No refunds after your team has been accepted.


Forfeited Games: Teams will be allowed a 10 minute grace period to start a game before it is scored as a forfeit which will be recorded as a 3-0 win and a 0-3 loss.


Laws of the Game: FIFA rules and USYSA age appropriate guidelines and rules of the game apply except where modified by MCC tournament rules. Free substitution is allowed during the games.

Scoring: Games will be scored (3) three points for a win, (1) point for a tie and (0) zero points for a loss.



1.             To determine preliminary winners and runners up, if necessary:

                                                               i.      Winner of head to head competition

                                                             ii.      Highest goal differential (maximum differential of four goals per game)

                                                            iii.      Most shut outs

                                                           iv.      Most goals scored (no maximum)

                                                             v.      Fewest goals allowed in all games

                                                           vi.      If still tied, the tie will be decided by penalty kicks


 In the case of a three-way tie in bracket play, one team shall be eliminated through the above tiebreakers and then the remaining two shall begin from tiebreaker number one. Item 1 (head to head) will not be used in the event of a three-way tie.


2.     To resolve ties at the end of regulation for semi-final and final games:

a.     Two ten-minute overtime periods, played to completion

b.     If still tied, penalty kicks. FIFA rules

c.     Only players on the field of play at the end of the overtime may participate in taking of the penalty kicks.


Awards: Awards will be given to each player on the first and second place teams.


Game Reports: The referees will handle game reports and each coach will be expected to sign the game reports for authenticity.


Failure To Show and Forfeits:

1.             A team shall be allowed a 10-minute grace period after the schedule kick-off time before the match is awarded to their opponent. In no case shall a team that forfeits a game be declare a division winner or wild card team. If an apparent division winner forfeits a game, the division team with the next best record shall be named the division winner.

2.     If a team is the cause for termination of a game, that team will be considered to have forfeited that game.

3.     A forfeit in the preliminary rounds shall be awarded as 3 points for the win to the opposing team. Forfeits of games in the playoff rounds shall be recorded as 1-0 games.



1.             Players, coaches and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit and the letter of the Law. Displays of temper or dissent are cause for ejection from the game and surrounding field areas.

2.     Players, coaches and team officials ejected from a game by the referee shall be ineligible for the next scheduled game. Any player or players ejected for fighting shall be ineligible for the remainder of the tournament. Tournament management will report Red Cards issued to players to the player’s home State Association.

3.     All players and coaches will take one side of the field, and supporters will take the other side. No one will be allowed behind either end line.



Tournament Director: The tournament director will make every effort to ensure this tournament is an enjoyable experience for the players, coaches, and fans. Any fan that distracts from the competition will be asked to leave by the referee, field marshal, or tournament director. Refusing an order will result in the termination of the game. The tournament, nor anyone involved with the tournament, does not assume any responsibility of liability if the tournament is cancelled in whole or in part for any reason. If the tournament is cancelled, prior to the start of the tournament, a partial refund will be made to the participating teams.


The tournament director’s interpretation of the information, procedures, rules, and all matters pertaining to the tournament is final.