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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Alyssa Collins FC Pride 02 Elite Black  2022
Grace Campbell Cutters 00/99 Girls Red  2019
Emily Davidson USF Real 17U Girls Elite  2020
Meredith Bruce CWSC Fusion -01  2019
Mackenzie Pedigo Indy Premier 00G Elite  2019
Sidney Smith Cutters 00/99 Girls Red  2018
Rachel Martin DYNAMITE G01  2020
Eden Beny SouthStars Team Viking  2021
Amanda Spitalniak Indy Premier 00G Elite  2020
Sydney Bilger FC Pride 02 Elite Black  2021
Hannah Murray USF Real 17U Girls Elite  2019
Mikayla Reeves USF Real 17U Girls Elite  2020
Lucy Conner USF Real 17U Girls Elite  2020
Zoe Robinson Indy Premier SC 04g Elite - Victory  2022
Jessica Hudnall Indy Premier 00G Elite  2018
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CINMEMDS 2018 F F 4 0
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