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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Eli Flynn Legion FC U17 Tournament Team Goalie2023
Aidan Kaniper WFSC 07-08 Boys 2023
Jordan Suazo SOIA 04B Westbank Elite Left Wing2023
Young Sean SYSC 05B Green GCNL 2024
Lucien Michelin SSA Chelsea 02/03B Blue P2 BK Defensive/Mid2022
Besonias Miguel SSA Chelsea 02/03B Blue P2 BK Right Wing2022
Kade Shoemake Thunder 06 Center Defender2024
Patton Francis Thunder 06 2024
Evan Martinez Atlanta Fire South 07B Elite 2021
Colin Bennett BaysideDynamo 05/06 Boy Competitive Forward2024
Christian Medina Gulf Coast Texans Mobile 09 Boys 2021
Colton Humphreys Thunder 06 2024
Angel Cruz Thunder 06 2024
Joshua Hochhauser Gulf Coast Texans Mobile 09 Boys 2021
Carlos Rodriguez Jesters 05/06B 2024
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