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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Ellie Pavey Bayside Rush 03/04 Girls Forward/Mid2023
Anna Kathryn Moore Southern States Soccer 05/06 2025
Marissa Hall SMSC Elite 06 Girls Goalie2025
Molly Estes Concorde Fire 12G South White Field player 2022
Emma Roman Concorde Fire 12G South White Field player 2022
Madison Sloman Bayside Rush 03/04 Girls Forward/Mid2025
Kathryn Trautman Rad FC 2010 Boys 2022
Izabella Swenson WFSC 2010 girls 2022
Daley Joyner Bayside Rush 03/04 Girls Right Defender2024
Mirabella Dorsch Bayside Rush 12/13 Girls Blue 2022
Maddison Laina Bayside Rush 03/04 Girls Midfield2023
Hailey Gatica Bayside Rush 03/04 Girls Center Mid2024
Mia Ganote 06/07 New Orleans DFC Center Forward2024
Lynley McMullan Legion Girls 08-09 Elite 2025
Elena Cardenas WFSC 2010 girls 2022
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