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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Patrick Turner NLU 07/08 Boys Forward/Mid2026
Andrew Adams NLU 07/08 Boys Forward2026
Wyatt Courville LA Krewe Rush 08B Black Goalie2026
Nate Mathews LA Krewe Rush 07B White Field Player 2026
Yanis Zaoui LA Krewe Rush 07B White Field Player 2026
Brelan Davis IFC 06 Boys Red Right Wing2024
Jorge Salamanca IFC 06 Boys Red Center Mid2024
Troy Kennerson LA Krewe Rush 07B White Field Player 2026
Anderson Monzon Vasquez NLU 07/08 Boys Left Wing2027
Hunter Webb IFC 06 Boys Red 2024
Wilmer Trejo Munguia NLU 07/08 Boys 2026
Palmer Riley Mr. NLU 07/08 Boys Defensive/Mid2026
Benjamin Barker NLU 07/08 Boys 2026
Gavyn Edwards NLU 07/08 Boys Forward/Mid2026
William Martin IFC 06 Boys Red 2024
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REDRV 2024 F M 4 0
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