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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Alexis Lee Rush Union Dekalb Academy G2014 2022
Addison Diethorn Inter Atlanta FC 13G Blue 2022
Emily Nolasco STEAMERS FC 2014 BLUE 2022
Cora Potter Triumph 10 Girls 2022
Alyssa Mason Rush Union Dekalb Academy G2014 2022
Nailaya Cozier Triumph 10 Girls 2022
Mia Alvarez-Lopez STEAMERS FC 2014 BLUE 2022
Alexa Martinez STEAMERS FC 2014 BLUE 2022
Inara Gunn Triumph15 Gold 0
Corinne Fite Triumph15 Gold 0
Sophia Florence All-In FC Sugar Hill 11G Pre-GPL 2022
Ava Ordu Atlanta Fire United G2011 2024
Alexandra Smith Triumph14 Gold 2022
Annabelle Billington Triumph15 Gold 2022
Kyle Williams ASG FL 2012G Copa 2022
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TRIUM 2022 F F 4 0
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