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  • Cedar Valley College

  • Nasko Arsov

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  • Louisiana State Univ-Alexandria

  • Michael Poropat

    May be available for recruiting
  • Paris Junior College

  • Evan Camperell

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  • Southwestern University

    Division 3
  • Dustin Norman

    May be available for recruiting
    Southwestern University is located in Georgrtown, Texas just 20 minutes from downtown Austin. We are excited to grow our recruiting base into the Louisiana region where we play yearly in our conference play. Our university is nationally ranked and regiomally recognized as one of the top liberal arts college destinations. Since taking over the program in two seasons ago, my staff and I have seen great growth in the soccer program having set program and conference records, being ranked nationally multiple times, ranked #1 in the region at the conclusion of the 2018 season, and played in the national tournament . I believe with the beautiful campus we have as well as the top notch facilities present, we have the unique opportunity to compete for championships while garnering one of the best possible educations available to men's soccer players.
  • Marco Carvalho

    May be available for recruiting
  • University of West Alabama

    Division 2
  • Ross Nelson

    May be available for recruiting
  • Harrison Roberts

    May be available for recruiting
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