• College Coaches
      ALL of the recruiting features you need BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the games.
      • Access the schedule in "real-time"
      • Search for athletes by name, position or YOUR criteria
      • Create YOUR custom schedule
      • Tag athletes you want to see
      • View a schedule based on YOUR tagged athletes
      • Access the roster for both teams on the field
      • View details for each player
      • Tag additional athletes, Rate them and store comments (secured to your ID)
      • Download a viewable pdf of the schedule and athletes for off-line viewing
      SIMPLE to access
      1. Go to http://sincUs.com on your Tablet, Phone, Phablet or Computer
      2. Use the menu in the upper left to log in
      3. Enter your sincSports access codes OR enter your email address to retrieve them
      4. Select your Showcase and follow the simple menu options to access ALL features

      We are happy to say that we received RAVE reviews as we asked the College coaches we introduced the system to, to tell us what they liked best.  Although most coaches listed up to ten of the features as HIGHLY beneficial, EVERY ONE of the coaches chose the same two features as "MUST HAVE!"
      1. Online data for phones or tablets.
      2. Showcase Schedule 
      3. Game Rosters
      4. Athlete Schedule and main profile
      5. Full athlete profile
      6. Custom schedule
      7. Tagged Athletes
      8. Printed profile

      9. Athlete Search
      10. Tagged Athlete's schedule
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