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      TIE GAMES - semi-final or final

      In case of a tie after regulation of semi-final or final, FIFA style penalty kick shootouts will determine the winner. (The best of five kickers, then sudden death between kickers)
      3 points for win, 1 for tie, 0 for loss.

      If at the conclusion of the preliminary rounds a tiebreaker is needed the following criteria will be utilized:
      A. Head to head (not used if more than two teams are involved in the tie breaker)
      B. Goal differential (i.e. goals scored minus goals allowed with 3 goal maximum differential)
      C. Most shutout wins
      D. Fewest goals allowed
      E. Penalty kicks (Kicks from the Penalty Mark)

      A minimum of 5 players constitutes a team for 7 v 7 games.  A minimum of 6 players constitutes a team for 9 v 9 games. A minimum of 7 players constitutes a team for 11 v 11 games. A  5-minute grace period will be extended beyond the scheduled kick-off time before a forfeit shall be declared. Failure to complete a match, or a team leaving the field during play, will result in forfeiture. No team that has forfeited a match will be declared a group winner for advancement purposes, unless the tournament director deems the reason for the forfeit worthy. The purpose of this rule is to deter teams from not showing for their last games if they have already mathematically advanced. Worthy reasons for a forfeit would include but would not be limited to: highway traffic jams, team going to the wrong facility etc.
      For tie-breaking purposes, the score of a forfeited game shall be set
      as the average of goals scored by the winning team rounded up to the nearest whole number, against the average of the goals given up by that team rounded down to the nearest whole number, as a minimum, the score will be recorded as 1-0.
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