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2012 Division Champions

Under 08 Girls GreenChampion: GFC 05 BlackFinalist: 05 Concorde Fire North Red
Under 08 Boys GreenChampion: HFC Thunder 05B NavyFinalist: Triumph Academy Junior White
Under 08 Boys WhiteChampion: AFC Lightning '05 Boys GoldFinalist: Galaxy 05B
Under 09 Girls GreenChampion: Galaxy 05BFinalist: NTH Tophat 03G Navy (2016)
Under 09 Girls WhiteChampion: BYSA 04 GirlsFinalist: DSC 03G Revolution White
Under 09 Girls GoldChampion: Triumph All Stars GreenFinalist: Triumph All Star White
Under 09 Boys GreenChampion: Triumph All Star WhiteFinalist: Triumph All Star White
Under 09 Boys WhiteChampion: Triumph All Star WhiteFinalist: Excel FC 04 Blue
Under 09 Boys GoldChampion: Atlanta Fire United Bronze 04Finalist: 2004 Tornados Elite - Collins
Under 10 Girls GreenChampion: 2004 Tornados Elite - CollinsFinalist: GSA 03 Red Granite
Under 10 Girls WhiteChampion: Roswell Santos 03 RedFinalist: AFC Lightning Griffin '03G Gold
Under 10 Girls GoldChampion: Alliance SC 02G EliteFinalist: Inter Atlanta FC 03 Hamm
Under 10 Boys GreenChampion: Inter Atlanta FC 03 HammFinalist: Covington Galaxy "Orange"
Under 10 Boys WhiteChampion: Liberty 03 Boys RedFinalist: Liberty 03 Boys Red
Under 10 Boys GoldChampion: Athens United 03 GoldFinalist: Athens United 03 Gold
Under 11 Girls GreenChampion: Athens United 03 GoldFinalist: ASG IMPACT 02 Girls
Under 11 Girls WhiteChampion: ASG IMPACT 02 GirlsFinalist: Concorde Fire 02G Central White
Under 11 Girls GoldChampion: GSA 02 Black LilburnFinalist: DSC 01G Revolution Green
Under 11 Boys WhiteChampion: DSC 01G Revolution GreenFinalist: GSA 02 Granite - Red
Under 11 Boys GoldChampion: GSA 02 Granite - RedFinalist: GSA 02 Granite - Red
Under 12 Girls GreenChampion: NTH Tophat 02G ECNLFinalist: TH-19 Navy
Under 12 Girls WhiteChampion: IAFC Blues 01G EliteFinalist: GSA 01 White
Under 12 Girls GoldChampion: PSA Barrow Lady 99Finalist: DSC 01 Black
Under 12 Girls RedChampion: Triumph All Stars GreenFinalist: SMYSA Hurricanes
Under 12 Boys GreenChampion: GSA 01 WhiteFinalist: IAFC Blues 00B Elite
Under 12 Boys WhiteChampion: IAFC Blues 00B EliteFinalist: Piedmont SA - 00
Under 12 Boys GoldChampion: Concorde Fire Central SilverFinalist: Atlanta Fire United 01B Silver
Under 13 Girls GreenChampion: Concorde Fire 99G Central BlackFinalist: ASG Florida 00 - Girls
Under 13 Girls WhiteChampion: DDYSC 00 Wolves SilverFinalist: Sharpshooters
Under 13 Boys GreenChampion: GSA 00B ECNLFinalist: Macon United 00 Navy
Under 13 Boys WhiteChampion: Concorde Fire Central SilverFinalist: Oconee FC 01 Red
Under 14 Girls GreenChampion: DDYSC/SDY 99 Alliance GoldFinalist: DSC Revolution 99 Black
Under 14 Boys GreenChampion: Bluesprings Liberty DynamoFinalist: Oconee FC 99 Red
Under 15 Girls GreenChampion: Excel 98 WhiteFinalist: TSC 98 Gold
Under 15 Boys GreenChampion: GMY Liverpool FCFinalist: Georgia Storm 98 Elite Clasico
Under 15 Boys WhiteChampion: GSA 98 BlackFinalist: Gol Soccer Academy
Under 16 Girls GreenChampion: SDY Lady JaguarsFinalist: Triumph Green
Under 16 Boys GreenChampion: Dekalb United JaguarsFinalist: DDYSC 98 Wolves Elite
Under 16 Boys WhiteChampion: GSA 95 RedFinalist: RYSA Revolution 07 Blue
Under 17 / U18 Girls GreenChampion: SSA Chelsea North 95 PremierFinalist: TSC 97 Elite
Under 17 Boys GreenChampion: Dekalb United Storm RedFinalist: Oconee SA Assault 95/96
Under 19 Girls GreenChampion: 95' Lady Freedom EliteFinalist: smysa hiliters

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