Market Common Fields

Address:1011 Meyers Ave., Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

From Highway 17 bypass exit at the Bridge (Farrow Parkway) at the backgate of the former air force base (now called Market Commons) following Farrow Parkway, turn right on Meyers Ave (Traffic Light) for the Main Complex (Fields 1 - 9) and the following right onto Forbus Court (after the Meyers Ave light) for fields A, B, C (located on the right) and Field 12 (located on the left).  
Coming from Kings Hwy (17 Bus) or Ocean Blvd.  Turn onto Farrow Parkway at the Traffic Signal.  Follow Farrow Parkway through Market Commons.  Turn left after the pond on Myers Avenue (Traffic Light) for the main complex (Fields 1-9) or onto Forbus Court on the left just before the traffic signal for Fields A, B, C & 12. 


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