Tournament Rules





The tournament rules shall be in accordance with USYSA/ FYSA except as modified and approved herein. All decisions of the referee are final and binding. The Tournament Committee, the SPR Soccer Club, and the Florida Youth Soccer Association will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team or club if the tournament is canceled in whole or part. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament and its judgment is final. Teams that disregard any decision by the Tournament Committee will be automatically dropped from the event and forfeit remaining games. 1st place cups will be awarded to winners. Runners-up will receive championship bowls.



A. This Tournament shall be open to all teams comprised of properly registered youth players (as determined by the rules of USYSA) in all age groups indicated on Tournament approval form, provided such team is in good standing with its youth association. It shall be the responsibility of each State Association to certify the eligibility of its competing teams and to provide such teams with a certified copy of the roster, permission to travel and proof of insurance. Roster Sizes will coincide w/FYSA rules based on the age brackets. A roster of the players must be given to the ref/official before each game.


B. Players must have been born during, or subsequent to, the divisional year. Each team must be registered with a state association affiliated with USYSA and must present a valid state roster. Player registration cards authorized by a state registrar will be required as proof. PLAYER PASSES MUST BE PRESENT AT THE FIELD FOR THE ENTIRE GAME.


C. Players must participate on their primary team if they are registered for the tournament. Players can participate as secondary carded, as long as their primary team is not registered in the tournament. No player shall play for more than one team during the tournament.


D. All teams MUST have a copy of the Permission to Travel Form approved and signed by an authorized state rep.



Each team shall have a roster properly stamped by its state association present at every game and rosters may be inspected by the field marshall at the request of either coach or on the decision of the referee. Rosters submitted at tournament registration shall govern. Roster size U13- U16 are 18 players, and 22 players for U17- U19.



This tournament is not intended as a tryout event. A team may use no more than 5 guest players. Rosters with guest players are limited as follows: A U15 team has 14 of its rostered players. They may add 4 guests to reach 18 on its roster.



A performance bond may be required of teams to guarantee participation.  The host organization shall return any unforfeited bonds immediately after the team’s final game.


All games shall be in accordance with the FIFA “Laws of the Game”, except as modified below. Competition sanctioned by this association shall abide by the “Laws of the Game”, along with any modifications or regulations of the association. 

Law I:   Field of Play

All games will take place on full size, FYSA approved soccer fields, with appropriate field markings

Law II: The Ball

All game will take place with a size 5 ball


Unlimited Substitutions may be made only upon proper notification of the referee through the referee’s assistant, with the referee’s permission, at the following times, and the sub may only enter after being beckoned on by the referee:

                        a.  Prior to a throw-in by your team

                        b.  Prior to a goal kick, by either team

                        c.  After a goal by either team

                        d.  After an injury by either team, when referee stops play

                        e.  At the beginning of the second half or overtime periods

Limited substitutions may be made, with the referee's permission:

a.       In case of stoppage of play for an injury on one-for-one basis for the injured player(s)

b.       To replace a cautioned player

Law IV: Player Equipment

Player equipment must conform to FIFA Rules. Shin guards will be worn (under the socks) by all players. Players wearing a permanent orthopedic cast shall not be eligible to participate in any game. Orthopedic braces may be allowed if:

                        a.  The player has a written statement from a physician, stating he/she feels the brace is necessary and that no further injury is likely to occur to the joint that is supported by the brace;

                        b.  The parent has signed a waiver to free FYSA from any claim against FYSA or its insurance company in case of further injury to the joint protected by the brace.

                        c.  A player may be removed from the game at any time if the referee determines that the player is using or is attempting to use a brace to injure another player.

Teams will wear uniforms of matching design and color with a minimum of six (6) inch numbers affixed to the back of the uniform shirt.  No two players may have identical numbers while both players are playing on the field at the same time.

a.       In the event of similar team colors, the home team will be required to change

b.       Teams dressed in predominately black or another color worn by the referee will be responsible for providing the referee and assistant referees with a jersey, which is different from the uniforms.

c.   The uniform of the GK must be different in color from the basic colors of either team and referee.

Law V: Referees

Referees are required to submit a completed, official game report to the Site Director containing any information relating to any game incidents involving players/coach, spectator misconduct, or injuries.

a.  Referees will not be paid before any required post game reports have been submitted.

b.  In the event the assigned referees fail to appear and the assignor and/or site director fails to provide a replacement, the senior assigned assistant referee shall assume the duties and shall find an alternate assistant referee. The game will be played as scheduled and will be deemed official.

Law VI: Linesmen

2 linesmen are used. If linesmen fail to appear, the referee must find suitable linesmen. The game will be played as scheduled and deemed official.      



A. All age groups will play 11v11. A game may not start with fewer than seven players on each team. Once started, games may not continue with fewer than seven players per team. If a game cannot start or is stopped because a team has fewer than seven players, that team shall forfeit the game. A team shall have a 10 minute grace period from scheduled starting time before a forfeit is declared. A forfeit will be scored 4-0. An abandoned game is recorded as a forfeit and be scored 4-0.


B. A forfeit in preliminary rounds shall be awarded as 3 points for a win.

C. If a team is the cause for termination of a game, that team will be considered to have forfeited that game.


D. Teams that have forfeited a game may not advance beyond preliminary rounds without tournament director approval.






Girls can protect their chests while trapping the ball. If the hands/ arms are used to propel the ball, a handball will be called.



A. Uniform numbers shall coincide with those listed on the team's Official State/Provincial roster. .


B. When requested by the referee, each team must provide a linesperson.


C. Check-in time is 30 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off.


D. Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear on the field, ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the game. Only referees and/or the tournament director can postpone or cancel a game.



The following table shows the length of game halves for boys and girls preliminary matches, semi-final and final matches.





Max. overtime



35 minutes

35 minutes

2 x 5 minutes



40 minutes

40 minutes

2 x 10 minutes



45 minutes

45 minutes                   2 x 10 minutes


In the event inclement weather forces cancellation of a game after at least 20 minutes have been played, the game shall be considered official and the score at the point of cancellation shall be the final score. Should a game be halted before 20 minutes have been played, it shall be rescheduled for complete replay, or recommenced at the discretion of the tournament director. In the event of a tie in a semi-final or final game, overtime shall be played as described above. The game times listed above are subject to change based on weather or other outside factors. The tournament director may finalize games that have not completed the required 20minutes play, at his discretion, based on outside factors, not limited to weather.

The Tournament Committee shall have absolute authority to make the changes in order to best serve the interests by a certain time period. There will be no refunds for events that are beyond our control. In case of extreme weather (heat/humidity) the referee shall make brief stoppages of the game to allow players on the field a water break.



A. Each team shall be awarded three points for a win and one point for a tie in the preliminary games.  The division winner shall be the team with the most points. In the event that two or more teams are tied, the tie-breaking rules are as follows:

  1. Head to head competition (does not apply if more than two teams are involved);
  2. Goal differential
  3. Goals for in all games
  4. Goals against in all games
  5. Penalty kicks - the FIFA penalty kick procedure will be used to determine a winner during group play, including if there are top teams in 2 groups who cant be separated by the above protocol. Coaches who feel that they may require this discriminator should stay in close contact with their field marshal throughout Saturday/Sunday. A coin flip would determine which team gets the choice to go first or second in the penalties. In addition, if there are three teams tied, a coin flip will be used to see which team takes the penalty kicks first.


B. In the event of a tie among more than two teams:  a tie is broken by the above system, but if ties among remaining teams still must be decided, those ties would be broken by starting again from the top of the tie-breaking procedure.


In groups where one team plays one more game than the others in the group due to an uneven number of teams in the bracket, game points, net goal differential, goals allowed and goals scored will be weighted to make them comparable to the other teams in the group playing only three games.

i.e. if Team A plays four games and Teams B, C, D, and E play three games, then Team A's games will carry a point value of .75 to give them a total weight equal to the other team's games.  For example:

Team A                         games = 4        total points  12 (X .75) = 9 points

Team B                         "            3         "         "         7              = 7     "

Team C                        "            3        "         "         9              = 9     "

Team D                        "            3        "         "         2              = 2     "

Team E                         "            3         "         "         5              = 5     "

 In the above example teams A and C would be tied for points and rules for tiebreakers would be followed.

            2. TIE BREAKERS

1. Head to head results. If no clear winner,

2. Net Goal Differential. If no clear winner,

3. Goals Scored. If no clear winner,

4. Least goals Allowed. If no clear winner,

5. Kicks from the Penalty Mark per FIFA rules


                        IF THREE OR MORE TEAMS TIE IN POINTS

                        1. All tie breakers as outlined above (#1-#4). If no clear winner,

2. Kicks from the Penalty Mark per FIFA rules

A blind draw determines which two teams compete using penalty kicks. The first team drawn will be the home team. If three teams, the third team draws a “bye”. The winner will then compete against the team that had the bye.



If a team is ahead by 8 goals at the start of the second half, the game will be called and a win will be awarded to the team.



If a tie exists at the end of the two overtime periods, the FIFA penalty kick procedure will be used to determine a winner.



A. The Field Marshal will ensure that the game report forms are properly completed, signatures obtained, and scores recorded at the end of each game.


B. The Field Marshal will ensure that the scores are reported to Tournament Headquarters in a timely manner each day. The Coordinator will ensure that the game report forms are turned in to Tournament Headquarters by 7:00 p.m. each day.



A. Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the Law as well as the letter of the Law. Displays of temper or dissent are cause for ejection from the game and surrounding field area.


B. A player or coach receiving a red card will not be able to participate in the tournament game following the game the card is issued. SPR reserves the right to SUSPEND ANY PLAYER, COACH OR TEAM FOR UNRULY CONDUCT.


C. Accumulation of Cards - any player/ coach who receives a 2nd caution card (yellow) during any part of the tournament will not be allowed to participate in the next tournament game following the contest where the 2nd caution card was issued.


D. In the event of assault/abuse on an official, a hearing shall be convened at a Tournament to be designated by the Director. All terms described in the USSF Official Administrative Rule Book under Rule 3.2.8, shall apply. In any event, a player, coach, or other official charged with assault is suspended from participation in the tournament.


E. Any team disregarding a decision by the referees/ tournament committee to suspend or cancel tournament play, will be disqualified. A written complaint will be filed with both the FYSA and the team's state association (if different).



The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited near and at all game sites, including parking areas.  Pets are not permitted.



Players, managers, coaches and fans are expected to conduct themselves within the letter and spirit of “The Laws of the Game”. The Site Director has the authority to remove any person(s) from the tournament for abuses of conduct, in addition to any specific disciplinary action brought about by any other authority. These rules will apply to this tournament:

a. The Site Director will designate 1 sideline to be for players listed on the roster and manager/coaches from each team, with one team occupying one side of the midfield and one team the other. The manager/coach and the players must remain on their benches and not roam the sidelines.

            b.  The Site Director will designate the opposite sideline for the spectators.

c. The manager/coach is responsible for the behavior of fans and the referee will have authority to warn and ultimately send off, any coach whose fans behave in an abusive or disruptive manner.



As a courtesy, both teams meet at the center circle and congratulate each other for a game well played.

a.  Referees will return player passes to the Site Director along with a completed game report.

b.  The manager/coach of each team will confirm score with the Site Director by signing the game report and collect passes after each game, except for those participants sent off (if any).

c.  The manager/coach will ensure their respective sidelines areas are clean and that all trash is in containers.



Following each championship game, the two teams will present themselves to the Site Coordinator for awards.



a.  If not enough teams are realized in a bracket, the Director shall notify the participants and those participants will be allowed to play up or receive a refund.

b.  The Committee has the responsibility to uphold any previous suspension imposed by FYSA/USYSA.

c. The Committee agrees to have a copy of the Tournament Rules at all game sites.



The Tournament Committee shall have a Discipline Committee of 3 members. This Committee will review and rule on all reports of unacceptable conduct using the FYSA standards as set by Rules Section 502.

a.  All players, manager, coaches shall be subject to FYSA Section 502 - Discipline and Sanctions.

b.  A player or manager/coach ejected will have an automatic minimum of 1 game suspension

c. Depending on the severity of the conduct, the Discipline Committee may recommend the suspension of up to the duration of the tournament with further disciplinary action by the appropriate state/ national association.  The Committee recommendations must be available to the affected party no later than prior to the next scheduled game.

d.  At the tournament end, passes will be returned to the coach (even if suspension has not been completed).  A report will be sent to the appropriate State Association within 7 days of the conclusion of the tournament.


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