COVID Guidelines



COVID - Guidelines

If you are feeling sick or have a fever please stay home. If you have been around anyone with COVID within the last 14 days please stay home (prior to kick-off)


Players :

*  Bring your own water or sports drink

*  Do not share drinks with anyone

*  Stay 6 feet apart on the sidelines

*  No post-game handshake, verbally congratulate the opposing team.

*  Place backpacks 6 feet apart on the sidelines




* Before each game, only the manager/coach will handle the player’s cards. The manager/coach will assist the ref to check players in so no one else is handling the player cards.

* After each game, the refs will report the scores.


Please be sure to print your game packets Friday the 18th. Home team will provide the ref with the game card. Each team provides the ref a roster.


Coaches Information:

* At all times we need to stay 6 feet apart on the sidelines.

* We have placed more time in between games so teams coming off and on the field can stay clear of each other. Please have your team exit the field quickly. Please do not hang out on the field - this could prevent the next team the ability to warm up.




Parents and Teams may use tents during the tournament. ALL tents must be taken with you when you exit the field. Please do not leave any tent behind simply because you are returning to the same field later.



Remember - we are all in this TOGETHER - we are happy to be back on the pitch - everyone working together and following guidelines will only help us all. 


IF you are playing at Karns High School (Knox Co) - Please keep in mind Knox Co has a mask mandate. Masks and temp checks are required to ENTER the facility. This includes - players, parents, referees. ANYONE entering the facility is REQUIRED to wear a mask upon entry. Upon entry, you may remove the mask and practice social distancing in the bleachers that are marked for seating.


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