Secret City 2022

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 Credentials Check: All teams must have their rosters approved, medical release forms checked and travel permits (for out-of-state teams) turned in at the team check-in. Player and coaches passes will be checked at this time. Coach cards, player passes, and rosters will also be checked before each game.  The pass of any ejected player or coach will be delivered to the Field Marshall with a report written on the team's game card concerning the reason for ejection. An ejected player or coach may not participate in the next scheduled game. If a player who is not properly registered participates in any game, that game is automatically forfeited to the opposing team 3-0. Up to three guest players may be added to the original roster but must meet eligibility requirements.


Eligibility: All teams must be currently registered with their local USSF, USYSA state organization. Five copies of the roster must be presented at registration. The maximum number of players on a team will not exceed TSSA limits.  No player will be allowed to register with more than 1 team in the same age/gender division.  All players (including guest players) must have a valid, laminated, USSF/USYSA player registration card with current player photo ID. Also, a medical release form is required at check-in and should be available during games.


The maximum number of players on a team will be:

14 for U-9-U10 (7v7)

16 for U11-U12 (9v9)

20 for U-13 through U-16 (11v11)

22 for U-17 through U19 (11v11)

Punting the ball

Punting the ball

U11 9v9 Format No heading is allowed in practice or play. (Indirect Free Kick for deliberately heading the ball) Punting/drop kicking is allowed in the U11 age group. U12 9v9 Format Heading & punting/drop kick is permitted.

  • .**US SOCCER CONCUSSION INITIATIVE WILL BE RECOGNIZED IN THE U10 AND U11 DIVISIONS*** No intentional heading will be allowed. If the referee decides, a player has intentionally headed the ball an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred. s) ***NO PUNTING IN THE U10 DIVISIONS***The goalkeeper must role, throw, or play the ball from the ground to distribute. ?
*** Please note changes to the original PDI policy on punting (drop kicking). Previous PDI guidelines allowed punting but not heading a ball at 11U. After consultation at US Federation meetings in late July (2017) a decision was made in the interests of player safety to reduce the risk of players attempting to head a ball at 11U and younger age groups, which is banned, by eliminating punting from the 11U and younger format at ALL competition levels of TSSA soccer***
U9, U10, and U11 Heading is NOT allowed.  Intentional heading on the ball will result in an indirect free kick unless denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity.  (If referee sees a heading that is denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity it will result in a PK and ejection)  
U9 and U10 there is NO PUNTING allowed. 
U9 and U10 have a BUILD OUT LINE that TSSA has established.  Offside will still be called as usual,


Refund Policy: Refunds can be given on a case by case leading up to the "day 7 rule". Retracting from the tournament 7 days prior to kick forfits the right to any refund. 

Uniforms and Equipment: All players on a team shall wear identical uniforms (shirts, shorts, & socks). Shirts shall be tucked in at the start of play. The designated “home team” shall wear light-colored uniforms and the designated “visiting team” shall wear dark-colored uniforms. The home team will change to colors distinct from the opponent if necessary. Goalkeeper jerseys must be a different color from the other players/referees. Player numbers must be affixed to the back of the uniform shirt and no two players on the same team shall wear the same number. Shin guards must be worn during all games. No jewelry is to be worn. Playing in a cast is permitted at the referee's discretion. Casts must be covered in bubble wrap or similar material; all equipment is subject to the approval of the referees. The home team will furnish the game ball. The "home team" is the team listed first on the official schedule.


Weather: Only the referee or the tournament committee may cancel a match due to weather conditions. In the event of inclement weather, the tournament committee has the authority to reschedule matches and/or cancel the tournament. If the entire tournament should be canceled after play has begun, teams shall not receive a credit or refund.
1. If inclement weather causes the referee to stop the match at any time and conditions do not permit the restart of the match within the scheduled time, the score will stand, as it was at the time the game was stopped.
2. If a match is delayed from starting due to weather conditions, it will be started as soon as weather permits within the scheduled time frame and will conclude at the scheduled time.
3. If no portion of the match is played, best efforts will be made to reschedule the match though no such guarantee is made. There will be neither refund nor credits for any match cancellations.
4. If no portion of the tournament is played due to inclement weather and there is no possibility of any matches being played, the tournament committee shall determine partial refunds to teams after all administrative costs have been covered.

 5. If a game is cancelled without a result being recorded, then no points won in that round by any team in that bracket will be included in the final standings.


Length of Game:

Under 18/19    2-35 minute halves

Under 16-17    2-35 minute halves

Under 13-15    2-30 minute halves

Under 11-12    2-25 minute halves

Under 8-10      2-20 minute halves


Playing Conditions: If a game is canceled, it is up to the coaches of the teams to check with the tournament director for re-schedule information. Games shall be considered complete if one half of the game time has elapsed and the score at the time of the stoppage will be the final score. If one half has not elapsed and the game is stopped, every effort will be made to re-schedule the game if it affects the outcome of the tournament and weather permits. In the event of inclement weather, the Oak Ridge City Parks and Recreation Department and the Tournament Committee has the authority to restructure or cancel the tournament.




Starting Times and Forfeited Games: Teams must check in with Referee 15 minutes before kickoff.  A ten-minute grace period is allowed before a team forfeits a game. This grace period takes away from the duration of the game. All games must end 10 minutes before the next scheduled match.


Start of play: To help keep games on time there will not be a coin toss at the beginning of pool play games. The home team will kick off to begin the first half and will defend the goal in front of their bench. The visiting team will kick off to begin the second half and will defend the goal opposite their bench area. The home team will occupy the bench area to the right of the midfield line and the visiting team the bench area to the left. (Ex. If you are a sub waiting to enter the game the bench area to your right is Home and to your left Visitor.)


Substitutions: Substitutions will be allowed with referee’s consent at the following times:


A. Prior to a throw in, in your favor

B. Prior to a goal kick

C. After a goal by either team

D. For an injured player (Both teams may sub equal number of players)

E. At the beginning of the 2nd half and each overtime period;

F. After a caution

G. Red carded players may not be substituted for


Game Reports: Game reports shall be signed by the referee and one official from each team. At this time, player cards shall be returned to the team coach/official by the referee and the game reports (along with the player cards of any ejected players) shall be turned in to the scores table by the Field Marshall as soon as possible. Player cards of any ejected players must be given to the tournament director immediately after the game.


Protests: There will be no formal protests allowed. If a coach wishes to file a complaint, they may do so within 1 hour after the conclusion of the game in the question by notifying the Tournament Administration via email at


Sportsmanship: Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit and letter of the LAWS OF THE GAME. There shall be no dissent between players and or coaches and the referees. Questioning a referee's call is considered dissent. Coaches are responsible for the actions of spectators and players and are expected to enforce these rules. Referees can issue caution to the "Bench". A second caution for the same issue may result in a red card or termination of the game.


Scoring: Divisional standings will be determined by the following point system:


Point System:


1.Divisional winners will be determined by the following 10 point system:

a. Win - 6 points

b. TIE - 3 points

c. Loss - 0 points

d. Shutout - 1 point (in victory only)

e. 1 point per goal up to a maximum of 3 goals or points per match


Tie Breaking: To determine placement or championship finalist status between two or more teams, the following criteria will be used in the following order.


1. Winner of head to head competition (not considered in the event of a tie between two or more teams unless one team beat all tied teams);  if still tied then

2. Most wins; if still tied then

3. goal differential; if still tied then

4. Fewest goals allowed; if still tied then

5. Most goals scored; if still tied then

6. Most shutouts; if still tied then

7. Penalty kicks using FIFA rules or coin toss if time does not allow - as determined by the Tournament Director. In case of a three-way tie in points, one team shall be eliminated through the above tie breaker and then the remaining two shall begin from the tiebreaker number one.


For semi-final and final games:

 1.      Two five (5) minute overtime periods. (golden goal)

 2.      If still tied, Penalty kicks (FIFA rules)


Semi-finals and Finals: In games where a winner must be determined on the field (semifinals and finals) there will be a coin toss to begin play with the visiting team making the call.



Consolation games: Sunday consolation games that do not begin at the scheduled game time will be shortened by 5 minutes per half. This is necessary to keep fields on schedule since any semifinal or final that goes to overtime will play two five minute overtime periods in their entirety and then, if necessary, go to penalty kicks. We appreciate your understanding.

General Rules: Except as otherwise stated herein, all games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as observed by USYSA/FIFA. The tournament committee is not responsible for any expense incurred by any team if the tournament is canceled in whole or in part. The Tournament committee will administer the tournament rules as stated, but reserves the right to adjust and/or amend any of these rules as necessary to accommodate any unforeseen problems or circumstances before and during the tournament. All decisions of the tournament director or acting tournament director are final.



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