Report Game Scores

1)     All scores must be reported by 10pm on Sunday evening.
2)     Go to the public schedule on your computer – in the upper right corner click “scoring input” and then “2023”. On a smartphone, go to the public scheduling page and click the three horizontal stripes, then click “scoring input” and enter “2023”.
3)     Fill in the game number and enter the score.
4)     Please enter all misconduct for both teams.
5)     Please upload a photo of your game card after the game if your club pass players have been used by either team – this is particularly important as club pass players are ONLY being added by writing the name and jersey number on the card.
6)     Only the home team should enter scores.  The away team should contact Chad Stocton - - for any disputed scores, including a copy of your game card to dispute any scores.


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