Recruiting Rule

By placing your club/team into VESL, your club/team is considered to be in automatic acceptance of the League rules, policies, and procedures. VESL’s philosophy is that a league should exist to complement the player development that is happening at the club level.

VESL is designed to provide the most appropriate environment for game play to assist the elite clubs in East Tennessee to provide the optimal development environment for their players. As such, all participants must conduct themselves to the highest standard at all times.
Adult participants – coaches and parents – are expected to be role models for the youth players involved in this league. All adults should exhibit good sporting behavior regardless of result.
VESL has introduced a code of ethics to cover the recruiting of players:
1. Coaches are not allowed to contact any players from another VESL club during regular season play. Contact may only be initiated by a coach during the stated time frame for tryouts.
2. If a player initiates contact with a coach during regular season play, the coach must ask the player if they are committed to another VESL club. If so, then the player will be asked to inform their current club of their intent to tryout for another club before any further action may be taken. Players may not attend training sessions as a "guest" while playing for another VESL club. VESL's expectation is that clubs will communicate clearly and honorably through this process.
3. The official League date for contacting a player to tryout will be in accordance with the TSSA date.
* These dates are subject to change, and it is recommended that clubs in the same market coordinate their tryout schedules for the good of the game.
If a VESL member is alleged to be in violation of these ethics they will be required to stand before the VESL Soccer Ethics Committee. The committee will be made up of at least 3 and no more than 5 club members. Any coach, manager or club official who is found to be guilty of breaching the code of ethics may be suspended from participation in all VESL activities for the current and subsequent season of play.


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