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Age Group / Gender Field Allocations

Granite Complex: Academy Boys and Academy Girls

Henderson Park: Academy Boys and Academy Girls

Lilburn: Academy Boys and Academy Girls & U13 to U19 Girls

Wade Walker: U13 to U19 Boys


17 Years and counting...

Thank you for your interest in the Triumph Cup for 2014.  The staff and membership are committed to making the Triumph Cup the best possible experience for your Academy and Select teams. 

The Triumph Cup hosted close to 250 teams in 2013 and should exceed 250 in 2014. It is our goal to offer excellent competition for Junior Academy/Pre Academy/U7 - U19 age groups. 

Please refer to the sections to the left for detailed information about this year's tournament. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at

Most venues will be located in the Tucker and Gwinnett area to cut down on travel time for coaches with multiple teams, and as usual we will work overtime to accommodate coaches conflicts. What makes us successful the most enjoyable tournament is the fact we will host all levels of competition from U7 (Junior Academy) to U19 

Applications are available online so register today by clicking the "Apply" button above. Once you complete your registration, you will receive confirmation that your application has been received.  All teams will be notified of acceptance no later the November 8th, 2014 by e-mail. We will start a waiting list from November 8th.
All teams that require lodging or hotels for the Triumph Cup are required to use to secure hotel reservations.  Please click the hotel link for more information and contact info for
Please make sure all applications and payments are received by Triumph Cup on or before November 7, 2014
Register today and you will also be able to play in the largest tournament in Georgia on November 22 & 23, 2014.

43 Champions / 43 Finalists in 2013


(notice the different champions and finalists from all over the country and not just Georgia or GSA over the past 2 years)

TRIUMPH CUP 2013 DIVISION CHAMPIONS and FINALISTS from the different clubs.

Under 08 Girls Green Champion: DSC 06 Hamm Finalist: GSA Phoenix U8 Red
Under 08 Boys Green Champion: North Florida Futsal Knights 06 Finalist: Galaxy 24 Black
Under 08 Boys White Champion: DSC 06 Reyna Finalist: TYSA U8 Green DJ
Under 09 Girls Green Champion: Amazons U9 Girls Team Finalist: U9 Concorde Fire North Red
Under 09 Girls White Champion: Liberty SC Flames 05 Red Finalist: DSC 05 Morgan
Under 09 Boys Green Champion: North Florida Futsal Knights 05 Finalist: Roswell Soccer Club - Barcelona
Under 09 Boys White Champion: GSA 05 Bayern Finalist: TASA Raiders 05
Under 09 Boys Gold Champion: DSC 05 Galaxy Finalist: GSA 05 Dortmund
Under 09 Boys Red Champion: AFC Lightning 05 Boys Black  
Under 10 Girls Green Champion: Inter Atlanta FC 04 Elite Finalist: GSA 04 Red Lilburn
Under 10 Girls White Champion: Chattanooga FC Academy 04 Finalist: GSA 04 White Lilburn
Under 10 Girls Gold Champion: Athens United 04 Black Finalist: 04 Sharpshooters Girls
Under 10 Boys Green Champion: GSA 04 Red Atlanta Finalist: GSA 04 PSG
Under 10 Boys White Champion: GSA 04 Red Granite Finalist: GSA 04 Lyon
Under 10 Boys Gold Champion: NASA U10 Manchester City Finalist: GSA 04 White Atlanta
Under 10 Boys Red Champion: TYSA U10 Green Kler Finalist: Amazons
Under 11 Girls Green Champion: TUFC 02-03 Finalist: TSC 03 Elite
Under 11 Girls White Champion: DSC 03 Rampone Finalist: Galaxy Girls
Under 11 Girls Gold Champion: GSA 03 White Granite Finalist: Athens United 03 Gold
Under 11 Boys Green Champion: GSA 03 Red Atlanta Finalist: Galaxy u11 orange
Under 11 Boys White Champion: Roswell Santos 03 Chivas Finalist: ASG 0304B
Under 11 Boys Gold Champion: United FA 03 Copper Finalist: DSC 03 Roma
Under 12 Girls Green Champion: GSA 03 White Lilburn Finalist: ASG IMPACT 01-02 Girls
Under 12 Girls White Champion: SSA-Harpeth 02 Girls Chelsea Elite Finalist: GSA 02 Black Lilburn
Under 12 Girls Gold Champion: TASA Raiders 01/02 Finalist: GSA 02 White Granite
Under 12 Boys Green Champion: GSA 02 Real Madrid Finalist: Auburn Thunder 02B
Under 12 Boys White Champion: DSC 02 Black Finalist: GSA 02 White Granite
Under 13 Girls Green Champion: GSA 02 Red Granite Finalist: TSC 01 Elite
Under 13 Girls Gold Champion: NASA Academy Ingram Finalist: 01 Lady Freedom Elite
Under 13 Boys Green Champion: TFC Navy Finalist: ASG FL 00-01 Boys
Under 13 Boys White Champion: TSC 01 Elite Finalist: TSC 01/02 Elite
Under 14 Girls Green Champion: ASG Florida 99/00 - Girls Finalist: Concorde Fire South 00 Black
Under 14 Boys Green Champion: ASG 99-00 Boys Finalist: TUFC 99-00
Under 14 Boys White Champion: AFC Lightning '00 Boys Premier Finalist: Concorde Fire Central White 00
Under 15 Girls Green Champion: Amazons 15 Under Girls Finalist: Blue Springs Liberty Flames
Under 15 Boys Green Champion: SSA Chelsea 99B Select White 1 Finalist: GSA 99 Blue
Under 16 Girls Green Champion: Dekalb United Lady Jaguars Finalist: TSC 98 Gold
Under 19 Boys Green Champion: Stone Mountain Storm Red Finalist: Concorde Fire Central Classic 1

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