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Male Teams

U7-10 Boys$200.00
U11-12 Boys$200.00
U13-15 Boys$200.00
U16-19 Boys$200.00
Adult Open$200.00
Adult Over-50$200.00

Female Teams

U7-10 Girls$200.00
U11-12 Girls$200.00
U13-15 Girls$200.00
U16-19 Girls$200.00
Adult Women$200.00

Co-Ed Teams

Adult Coed$200.00

STOP!  Please read below before continuing the registration process.

If you are registering for the Kick 4 A Cause 4v4, please choose LOGIN in the top right hand corner of this page.  If you know your LOGIN information; login and proceed.  If you DO NOT know your login information, enter your email address and choose the option "Forgot Password".  Soccer In College will email you your log in information.

Once you have your email and password.  LOGIN at the top of the page.  Then go to the APPLY button on the Kick 4 A Cause 4v4 home page.

Remember this is a ONE day tournament.  Saturday only

Begin your team registration process.  Select Gender, Select Age Group, Choose your club. Choose your team name or enter your team name if your team does not appear.

Identify your primary Contact...make sure to enter an email address as this will be the primary form of communication.

For this Tournament we will be using the Team Roster and Medical form (same form) as your tournament roster. This is the only roster we will accept for the Kick 4 A Cause 4v4 event.

If you have any questions please email:

Ryan Holbrook : tournaments@ncfcyouth.com 

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