Venue List

WRAL Soccer Park
7700 Perry Creek Road
Raleigh, NC 27616


WRAL 03A Ricky Horwitz A (Turf) (11)
WRAL 03B Ricky Horwitz B (Turf) (11)
WRAL 03C Ricky Horwitz C (Turf) (11)
WRAL 03D Ricky Horwitz D (Turf) (11)
WRAL 03E Ricky Horwitz E (Turf) (11)
WRAL 03F Ricky Horwitz F (Turf) (11)
WRAL 04A Accentuate Staffing A (Turf) (11)
WRAL 04B Accentuate Staffing B (Turf) (11)
WRAL 04C Accentuate Staffing C (Turf) (11)
WRAL 04D Accentuate Staffing D (Turf) (11)
WRAL 04E Accentuate Staffing E (Turf) (11)
WRAL 04F Accentuate Staffing F (Turf) (11)
WRAL 05A First Watch A (Turf) (11)
WRAL 05B First Watch B (Turf) (11)
WRAL 05C First Watch C (Turf) (11)
WRAL 05D First Watch D (Turf) (11)
WRAL 21A JenSellsRaleigh A (Turf) (11)
WRAL 21B JenSellsRaleigh B (Turf) (11)
WRAL 21C JenSellsRaleigh C (Turf) (11)
WRAL 21D JenSellsRaleigh D (Turf) (11)
WRAL 21E JenSellsRaleigh E (Turf) (11)
WRAL 21F JenSellsRaleigh F (Turf) (11)
WRAL 21G JenSellsRaleigh G (Turf) (11)
WRAL 21H JenSellsRaleigh H (Turf) (11)
WRAL 22A Raleigh Radiology A (Turf) (11)
WRAL 22B Raleigh Radiology B (Turf) (11)
WRAL 22C Raleigh Radiology C (Turf) (11)
WRAL 22D Raleigh Radiology D (Turf) (11)
WRAL 22E Raleigh Radiology E (Turf) (11)
WRAL 22F Raleigh Radiology F (Turf) (11)
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