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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Israel Candelero Ambush SC B04/05 White Left Defender2023
Alan Silverio Cruz Augusta Arsenal 06B Blue 2022
Cameron Connolly Augusta Arsenal 06B Blue 2025
Yeremy Franco Bluffton Rush 2006 Boys Center Defender2026
Lukas Lee Concorde Fire 14B South 2022
Kayden Johnson Concorde Fire South 2014B Black 2022
Omar Martinez Bluffton Rush 2006 Boys 2026
Chwa Calhoun Concorde Fire 14B South 2022
Andrew Rodriguez-Nunez Bluffton Rush 2006 Boys Right Defender2025
Zane Kuyper TFC 07B Magenta 2025
Kevin Lumbia Bluffton Rush 2006 Boys Forward/Mid2025
Cannon Gray Augusta Arsenal 06B Blue Right Wing2025
Dakota Sitton Augusta Arsenal 06B Blue 2024
Roger Portillo Banegas Augusta Arsenal 06B Blue 2022
Paul Serrano Jr. Bluffton Rush 2006 Boys 2025
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CELPR 2022 F M 5 0
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