Visitor Parking Pass


A Visitor DAYPASS allows unlimited parking in any City parking garage/lot, parking overtime in limited time zones or at any parking meter with a time limit of one hour or more for a period of 48 hours from purchase. The visitor DAYPASS is available to Savannah vistors for a price of $12 for 2 days and $7 for a single day. The DAYPASS is available at many hotels and inns as well as the Visitor's Center and the Parking Services office. For more information call (912) 651-6470

Open the pdf file below for a printable brochure on getting around and parking in beautiful downtown Savannah.

Program Contact:

Customer Service
(912) 651-6470

ParkSmart Downtown Brochure.pdf

Motorists in the Downtown Area Beware of Pedestrians

Savannah’s downtown is a “walkable” area and there are many pedestrians. It’s the law in Georgia, when a pedestrian displays an intention to cross the street by stepping off a curb, motorist must stop and stay stopped to allow the pedestrian to cross. Motorists approaching crosswalks with pedestrians in them must stop and stay stopped, not just yield to them. Crosswalks exist on all four corners of most intersections in Georgia, whether or not they are marked by painted lines.

Driving around Squares – Motorists must yield to other cars and pedestrians when entering and driving around the squares.

Make sure it’s a two-way street – Several of downtown Savannah’s roads are one-way only. Please use a good driving map and be aware of all street signs.

Free Wi Fi Access

The City of Savannah has partnered with Seimitsu to offer free Wi Fi via “surfsavannah.” Outside areas that are wired include River Street, Bay Street, Reynolds Square, Ellis Square, Franklin Square and the South End of Forsyth Park near the Forsyth Fort Café as well as along Martin Luther King Boulevard from Victory Drive to River Street. Users are required to register and usage limit is 2 hours per day.

Visitors with extended stays may purchase unlimited Wi Fi service for 30 days for $10 at the Seimitsu office at 1523 Bull Street (32nd street and Bull). Call 525-0345 for more information. Service is limited to the above areas of downtown Savannah.

For a guide to other free Wi Fi hotspots throughout the entire City, visit


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