STARTING ONLINE CHECK IN - Click on the Online Check In Icon on the front page of the event site or on your Control Panel.
Online Check In
Documentation to be Uploaded into the SincSports Online Check In System.
1) All Teams - 2020/2021 Official League Roster - USYS/Us Club/AYSO
2) All Teams - 2020/2021 Player Passes 
3) All Teams - IYSA Tournament Roster
4) Out of State Teams - Travel Permit for Out of State Teams  (not required for teams registered with US Club)
5) Guest Players from within club - Must provide Player Pass.
Guest Players from another club - Must provide Guest Form from association.
USYSA players cannot guest play for a US Club team and a US club player cannot guest play for a USYSA team. A USYSA player can play for a US club team if they get or have a US Club card and are rostered to that team. A US Club player can play for a USYSA team if they get a tournament pass from the IYSA. 
6) All Teams - Risk Management Form
7) All Teams -  IL Medical Release Form
9) Non-IYSA Team Players - IYSA Covid-19 Release Forms
10) US Club Teams Only - Form NT
When online check in is complete, the team will print a packet that has 
1) Approved athlete list from SincSports
2) Game Cards
3) SincCertified stamped official roster.
New to SincSports Online Check In System?
GUIDES : While working in the Online Check In System, click on "Guides" for a quick video tutorial.
NEED HELP: If you need assistance,  go directly to the SincSports team for support by clicking on the “Contact Support” button in the Online Check in System.



Updating Roster from Excel.

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