Inclement Weather Procedures
In the event a game is delayed due to  inclement weather and/or when the Thor Guard goes off, please have all players, coaches, and fans IMMEDIATELY exit the soccer complex and take cover in your cars and/or the parking garage.  
Please make sure your team does not leave the area as games that did not reach halftime will hopefully resume, once the inclement weather passes. Games that were stopped while in the second half will be considered completed.
We will wait 30 minutes from when the Thor Guard goes off and you will hear 3 short but loud consecutive horns once it is all clear. At that point and only at that point, please head back to your playing field for the remainder of your game.
Many factors play into the various scenarios regarding the completion of games, shortening of games, and/or the game being considered officially over.  For this reason, please constantly monitor our website for updates. We will also send emails and/or texts to team managers and/or coaches with updates.


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