Game Day Check In
If you have completed Online Check In
You do not need to go to the admin tent. You do not need to have your passes bound. Go right to your field. 
Just bring your physical player passes and your SINC certified roster (List of Eligible Athletes) to each of your games. The SINC certified roster is available for you to print once you have completed online check in. Note, you should print 4 copies so that you have one for each game including a possible playoff game:
Once at the field please provide the field marshal the player passes and  the SINC certified roster form. The field marshals will be at your field 5-15 minutes before your game. If you can’t find the field marshal, and there is a referee in the referee area awaiting the next game, you can hand the SINC Certified Roster form and passes to him/her. Please don’t attempt to give the information to the referees that are refereeing the current game
To make sure that games run on time, we ask that you please get your team ready by positioning the team behind the bench or player sitting area for the previous game.  Please queue the players up at least 15 minutes before your game time.
Please don’t assume if you follow the procedures for game 1 that you are done. The procedures need to be followed for each game.
Thank you for everything and we can't wait to see our old and new friends at the fields this weekend.


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