Rules and Regulations
(updated 5/30/21)
All games shall be played in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game, except as specifically modified by the Illinois Youth Soccer Association and as follows in the tournament rules:


Age Group
Birth Year
Max Roster Size
Min Number of Players
Team Entry Fee
U12 (9v9)
U12 (11v11)
22 (only 18 may dress for each game)
22 (only 18 may dress for each game)
22 (only 18 may dress for each game)
22 (only 18 may dress for each game)
*”trapped or orphaned player rule – we realize that in some cases, U15 girls players will not have a team to play on in the spring season so they are allowed by their leagues to play at U14. We will allow this for the tournament however, one of the tournament directors must be advised in writing so that we can have a conversation and determine the appropriate seeding of the team. Notice must be given to a tournament director no later than April 15th.
·  Game duration: U8-U11 and U12 (9v9) - 2 x 25 min, U12 (11v11) and U13-U19 – 2 x 30 min
·  There will be a three minute halftime.
·  All games will be played with a running clock. The referee may stop the clock for serious injuries or other incidents.
·  The referee is the official timekeeper, and therefore all decisions of this nature made by the referee are final.
The Tournament Committee may relocate, reschedule, cancel or shorten any game. Changes to game locations and schedules will be posted at the scoring tent.


·  All parents and spectators are required to sit on one side of the field opposite the players and no spectators or coaches are allowed behind the goals.
·  Player picture identification cards are to be present and available at all games.
·  Teams are allowed up to 3 coaches on the sidelines with their team. All coaches on the bench area must be licensed and passed. Coaches are not allowed to coach from the spectator’s side of the field. Any team not having a passed coach at the beginning of the game will have until the end of the halftime to provide a passed coach, or the game at hand will be forfeited (see forfeit section for impact of forfeiting a game).
·  Where a team is not available to start play within 10 minutes of the prescribed game time, the game will be ruled a forfeit in favor of the team that is present
·  Home teams will be listed first on the schedule. In the event of a uniform color conflict, the home team changes jerseys. Home team sits on north/west bench, defends north/west goal and has kick off in the first half, teams switch at half-time.
·  Teams must have an alternative set of jerseys.
·  The shirt number of each player must be the same as the player’s shirt number on the team’s roster. If the numbers are not the same, the referee is not to allow the player to take part in the game until the numbers are the same.
·  The Offside rule will be enforced at all ages.
·  The home team is responsible for providing a game ball.
·  The U8 - U12 divisions shall use a #4 ball (including U12 11v11). U13 - U19 divisions shall use a #5 ball.
·  U8 - U10 games will be played 7v7 on small fields; U11and U12 9v9 games will be played 9v9 on intermediate fields, U12 11v11games will be played on full size fields, and U13-U19 games will be played 11v11 on full size fields.
·  All games will be officiated by a referee certified by IYSA/USSF.
·  In accordance with US Soccer and the Illinois Youth Soccer Association, purposefully heading the ball in any U11 and under age group will result in an indirect free kick awarded to the opposing team.

BUILD OUT LINE FOR 7v7 Play (U8-U10)

·  If a goalkeeper punts the ball, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense.
·  If the punt occurs within the goal area, the indirect kick should be taken on the goal area line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred.
Goal kicks
No player from the opposing team may enter the build out area until AFTER the player receiving the ball
makes their first touch (meaning you can’t enter upon the kick of the ball, but after the reception of the ball).


·  Games in the preliminary rounds will be scored as follows:
Ø Win 3 points
Ø Tie 1 points
Ø Loss - 0 points
·  A forfeited game will be scored as a 3-0 win for the winning team. A forfeited game will count as one of the minimum number of games guaranteed to each team.
·  In the event of a tie in deciding group positions, the following criteria will be used to break the tie for the 2021 tournament:
1.  Head to head competition (if applicable). Will only be used if all teams have played each other.
2.  Fewest goals allowed (max 5 per game)
3.  Goal Differential (Goals scored minus goals allowed, max 5 per game)
4.  Goals scored (max 5 per game)
5.  Most Wins
6.  Coin Flip
·  In the event of a tie in deciding group positions, the following criteria will be used to break the tie in all years after 2021:
1.   Head to head competition (if applicable). Will only be used if all teams have played each other.
2.  Goal Differential (Goals scored minus goals allowed, max 5 per game)
3.  Goals scored (max 5 per game)
4.  Fewest goals allowed (max 5 per game)
5.  Most Wins
6.  Coin Flip
·  In the event 3 or more teams are tied in 2021 and after, the tie breaker rules will be applied until one team has won the tie. In order to break the tie with the remaining teams, the tie breaker rules will be applied from the beginning (i.e. starting with head to head competition).
·  At the conclusion of each game, the referee shall complete a score card, including the match results, cautions, and ejections.
·  A team will forfeit a game if a team fails to arrive to a game 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start or if a team fails to have the minimum number of players as required above. A team that forfeits a game will not be allowed to participate in any championship match.


·  During preliminary round competition, no overtime will be played.
·  In the event of a tie in a semi-final or championship game, teams will designate five players to take alternate penalty kicks: the best of five is the winner. Only those players on the field of play at the end of the second half are eligible to take penalty kicks.
·  If teams are still tied after 5 kicks, the remaining players will take alternate penalty kicks in sudden death fashion to determine a winner.


·  In accordance with the IYSA, Rule 007, which endorses FIFA Law 4, “A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player.” Therefore, no prescription glasses are permitted, only sports goggles.
·  Hard casts are not permitted. Soft casts are permitted with a medical release from the player’s doctor, and
the permission of the referee.
·  No metal cleats.
·  No jewelry may be worn by any player (earrings, watches, necklaces, etc.).
·  Shin guards must be worn by all players at all times.
·  All players must have an individual number on their jersey, no duplicate numbers.
·  In case of a jersey color conflict, the designated home team will change.
·  All players’ equipment is subject to referee approval.


·  There is no limit to the number of substitutions that can be made during a game.
·  For U8-U11 and U12 9v9, substitutions shall be allowed “on the fly”. The player leaving the field must
meet the player coming onto the field within ten yards of the touch-line and exchange a “high-five”.
·  For U12 11v11 and U13-U19, substitutions must be made only at times allowable under USYSA/FIFA rules with the following exceptions:
1. After a goal by either team
2.  At half-time, or before the start of any overtime period
3.  Prior to a goal kick for either team
4. Prior to a throw-in by the team with the throw-in.  Both teams may sub if the team in possession of the throw in is making a substitution.
5. In case of injury, with referee’s permission. If a team representative enters the field of play to check an injured player, the injured player must leave the field of play.


·  Artificial noise making devices are strictly prohibited.
·  No animals are allowed.
·  No alcoholic beverages or smoking is permitted.
·  No verbal abuse of anyone is allowed including but not limited to, tournament officials, referees, and players.


·  All yellow and red cards issued during the Tournament will be reported to the Tournament Committee.
·  Any player or coach receiving a red card will be banned from, the current game, and at the least, the next scheduled game for that particular team. No substitutions will be permitted for an ejected player during that game.
·  A team found to be using an ineligible player will forfeit the game and may be removed from the tournament without refund.
·  Any team or club receiving a disproportionate number of yellow and or red cards may be banned from the Tournament for a minimum of three years.
·  Anyone fighting or verbally abusing anyone can be subjected to ejection from further tournament participation.  Passes will be retained by the tournament director and returned to the coach of the team after the player has sat out their suspension.
·  Coaches will be held responsible for the behavior of their players, parents, and supporters.
·  In accordance with the USYSA regulations, the issuance of all yellow cards and red cards and other matters involving the conduct of a team, its players, coaches, and supporters will be recorded by our organization and this information will be reported to the IYSA (or the USYSA state organization for teams from outside of Illinois) and the home club/league or the player, coach, team or supporters involved. All matters involving a referee assault shall, in accordance with the USSF Rule 3042 be referred immediately to the Illinois Youth Soccer Association.
·  With regard to foreign teams, the issuance of all yellow and red cards and other matters involving the conduct of a team, its players, coaches, and supporters will be recorded by our organization and this information will be reported to the US Soccer Federation of the disciplinary action taken, and that the Federation will transmit the disciplinary action taken or required to that team’s provincial or national association.
·  The home state association and home club/league of the player, coach, team, or supporters (except in the case of referee assault)  will have the responsibility for imposing, should the circumstances warrant, additional sanctions, within their respective jurisdictions, with regard to any matters arising from the tournament.
·  The tournament director reserves the right to eject anyone (including players, coaches, and supporters) from further tournament participation and/or from the tournament grounds if they fail to abide by the tournament’s Code of Conduct.


·  Protests must be made in writing by the team’s coach and submitted to the Tournament Committee within 1 hour after completion of game.  Protests may only involve non-referee decisions regarding player eligibility and tournament rules.
·  A $100 fee must accompany any protest. The fee will be returned only if the protest is allowed.
·  After a protest is made, the tournament committee will meet within two hours of the protest being made and the committee will review the written protest. The tournament committee must provide quick due process. The tournament committee, at its discretion, may ask that evidence be presented by the parties involved in the protest.  Based upon the written protest and the evidence presented by the parties involved, the tournament committee will then make its decision as to whether or not to uphold the protest. A minimum of three tournament committee members must review each written protest.
·  The tournament committee’s interpretation of tournament rules and protests shall be final and may not be
·  All decisions by referees may not be appealed.


·  Once a team has been accepted into the tournament, there will be no refunds made.
·  Note that the tournament committee has the right to relocate, reschedule, cancel or shorten any game. Shortened games, relocated and rescheduled games will constitute a played game, and the Tournament will not refund any money for forfeited games.


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