Weather Policy
 In an effort to be proactive regarding inclement weather we would like to communicate our weather policy:
·        Match cancellations for most facilities are made by the City of Rock Hill, in coordination with our Tournament Staff.
·        If the radar has the possibility of a lightning strike within a 10 mile radius, players will be asked to leave the field.  The safest location for your player and family is in your car.
·        There will be a 30 minute delay (or longer) to allow the area to be free of lightning.
For matches stopped in progress:
·        Our fields are lit and matches will resume if time/weather allows.
Games cancelled altogether:
·        Scores will stand as is for matches played through the 1st half or more.
·        Matches cancelled during the 1st half or not played at all, Might be deemed by tournament committee to be decided by PK’s. If PK's occur then scores for PK'swill be recorded as 1-0, and winning team awarded, 6 points for a win, 1 for shutout and 1 for goal differential- total 8 points
Method of communication for all changes to the schedule, venue, field number changes, match cancellations or scheduled PK’s:

·        Our staff will communicate in a timely manner through email and cell phone with the person listed as ‘primary contact’ on the Tournament Team Contact Form.  Please make sure to complete and turn in with your required documents.
All changes will also be communicated as follows:
o   Tournament Website
o   DSC Twitter at @Discoveries_SC
o   DSC Facebook -
o   During the day, each venue HQ tent will have up to date changes  
Tournament entry fees are not refundable once a team has been notified of its acceptance into the tournament.
The Tournament Director, Tournament Committee, Discoveries Soccer Club and their volunteers will not be responsible for any expenses (including team entry fees) by any team or club if the tournament is cancelled in-whole or in-part for ANY reason. The Tournament Director and tournament committee can not be responsible for inclement weather and there will be no refunds given.



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