• The Memorial Day Challenge
      Update for Monday 1:37 PM - Additional information related to cancellation of remining games
      Scoring of games in progress and those not started
      Games that were in progress
      1) If the game was a final and in the first half when play stopped, both teams will be crowned co-champions
      2) If the game was in the second half when play stopped, the score at the time will be the final score. 
      3) If the game was not a final and in the first half when play stopped, the game will be called a tie. (still need to determine what the score will be for tiebreaker purposes)
      Games that hadn't started yet
      1) Finals Game - both teams will be crowned co champion
      2) Non finals game - game will be called a tie (still need to determine what the score will be for tiebreaker purposes. )
      We will be communicating a pick up date/ship date for the medals in the near future. 
      Player Passes
      We have some player passes that the field marshals had when play was stopped. We have returned some but if we still have yours please call 888-691-1101 and please leave your phone contact info so we can arrange to get you your passes
      Update for Monday 1:25 PM - Rest of tournament cancelled
      As always, safety is of primary concern. Due to the storm that just arrived and the forecast for the rest of the afternoon, we have decided to cancel the remaining games as of 1:05 PM. 
      A subsequent update will contain information on how the game, standings and championship results will be decided. We hope to have that out tonight.
      Please drive home safe. 
      Update for Monday as of 5:10 PM 5/26/19 - Good news - Full length Championship Games
      We are pleased to let you know that Monday's championship games wlil be 2 x 25 minutes for the U8-U12 games and 2 x 30 mins for the U13-19 games. For the sake of consistency, pool play games played on Monday will still be the reduced game durations used this weekend because of the weather and field closures. 
      As a result, please check your schedules as the times and fields may have changed. 
      Update for Sunday as of 1:12 AM 5/26/19
      Thank you for your continued patience as we are working through the limited fields provided by the Schaumburg Park District.  We were promised fields that we just never got. As a result, we are not able to extend game durations on Sunday. 

      Your schedules will remain as is though 12:15pm on Sunday when we will be working diligently to make sure games do not fall too far behind.  We were able to add some fields so if games get behind, we can switch the game to the overflow field.

      Please continue to monitor the schedule on the website for field and/or possible time changes that may take place for games that start after 12:15pm.  Again, thank you for your patience.
      Further field delays as of 8:00 pm. We want to be considerate of your time and apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience. 
      Field 1  - 45 minutes
      Field 2 - 10 minutes
      Field 3 - 30 minutes
      Field 4 - 50 minutes
      Field 5A - 35 minutes
      Field 5B - 35 minutes
      Field 7A - 20 minutes
      Field 7B - 20 minutes
      Field 8 - 50 minutes
      Field 9A- 60 minutes
      Field 9B - 60 minutes
    • Updated field delays including field 8 catching up a bit
      Field 1  - 30 minutes
      Field 2 - 25 minutes
      Field 3 - 5 minutes
      Field 4 - 50 minutes
      Field 5A - 20 minutes
      Field 5B - 10 minutes
      Field 7A - 10 minutes
      Field 7B - 10 minutes
      Field 8 - 35 minutes
      Field 9A- 45 minutes
      Field 9B - 45 minutes
      Some Fields Running Late
      We wanted to give you an update on fields as we wanted to be considerate of your time. Please note that the following fields are running behind and we wanted you to be aware of it. 
      Field 1  - 25 minutes
      Field 2 - 10 minutes
      Field 3 - 1 minute
      Field 4 - 40 minutes
      Field 5A - 15 minutes
      Field 5B - On time
      Field 7A - 5 minutes
      Field 7B - on time
      Field 8 - 45 minutes
      Field 9  - 30 minutes
      Grass Fields Status Update
      We continue to work with the Park District in assessing whether we will be able use the grass fields tomorrow and/or Monday. The fields remain closed to us right now, but we will be meeting with the park district again tonight, hoping for   good weather and the possibility that the fields can be re-opened. 
      We have already worked up contingency plans on how we will re-schedule if we are able to extend the game durations for the u11-u19 age groups. Please alert your team that your game won't be any earlier than currently scheduled but might be slightly later. 
      For the U8-U10 age groups, if the grass fields re-open, your fiedls may change, but your game duration will likely remain at 40 minutes. 
    • Important Schedule Update - 4:45 PM 5/24/19
      The revised schedule is now on the website. We apologize for any inconvenience, but unfortunately, we were advised today that the grass fields are likely unplayable for the entire weekend. With limited time we re-built the schedule taking in to account more variables than you can imagine. We wanted to get the kids as much soccer as possible while causing the least amount of disruption to your weekend. 
      The game lengths were based, in part, on the number of fields available to us after the closures. U8-U10 will play 40 minute games. U11-12 play 30 minute games. U13-19 play 35 minute games. This is not a typo, small fields get longer games. Again, its based on how many fields we had available. 
      Please note that there will not be a half time break. At the halfway point of the game, the two teams will immediately change sides and the clock will continue to run.
      Important Schedule Update 2:20 PM CT 5/24/19
      For tonight's games, we are in the process of trying to move all games originally scheduled on the grass fields to synthetic turf fields. The goal is to have all of tonight's games played. That involves juggling of times so please continue to check our website for updates. We hope to have the schedule up in the next hour or so. 
      We do regret that because of the closure of the grass fields, game durations will be reduced. This has already started to be a challenging weather weekend and we ask your patience as we try to get you as much soccer as we can. 
      Important Schedule Update 12:20 PM CT 5/24/19
      Hello everyone
      Due to the storms that came through overnight and early morning, some of our fields are not available tonight. We have been working on and continue to work on completing and releasing the updated schedule. We hope to have this finalized in the next 2-3 hours. Please keep checking back for updates. 
    • Important Tournament Updates
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      MAY 24-27, 2019

      Boys and Girls U8-U19


      Application Deadline is April 17, 2019 or sell out date, if earlier

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          • No other tournament does a better job accommodating scheduling requests

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